The Project

Established in 2020, Terrafranta is an agricultural project borne out of a desire to grow, create and share – whether that be moments, food or knowledge.

Terrafranta is a working organic farm nestled in the hills of Florence; here, the landscape is wild and the indigenous flora & fauna are thriving. We are part of a self-sustaining and richly biodiverse ecosystem that we seek to protect. Our approach to agriculture is rooted in the belief that nature knows best, allowing natural processes to shape our environment, and only intervening to increase its ability to self-regulate.

Founded by Carlotta, our micro-operation is powered by the many friends and volunteers that come by and find themselves at home in our fields: helping with farm work, feeding our guests, leading workshops and more. Indeed, complementing our agricultural work, Terrafranta hosts a wealth of events ranging from picnics, supper clubs, movement classes, workshops and retreats. Our event season begins around April and ends in October, or whenever the thought of sitting outside to enjoy a meal begins to lose its appeal. (Does it ever?)

If you’re attending any of our events, know that everything on your plate is homemade, organic and grown here when possible, or responsibly sourced from local producers we know and trust. We strongly believe that eating is a political act and undoubtedly, this notion has hugely influenced Terrafranta’s operational framework. From the varieties we grow, to where we source what we don’t grow, to how we serve your food and drink, we hope you will appreciate the research and commitment to our values that is reflected in your plate and your glass.

Terrafranta is committed to working towards a circular economy model. Circulating products, reducing waste and regenerating nature are at the forefront of our mission. We believe that this model has the power to radically transform our system.

As we expand, we are looking for ways to rely (partially or completely) on energy from renewable sources.

We welcome exchanges; if you are looking to trade your skills, time or products, we are waiting to hear from you!